Yui Shirasaka – Life’s turning point with the 18+ movie series

Yui Shirasaka is a is a famous girl in the new generation of Japanese 18+ industry beauties. However, her entry into the profession of this girl is also a thing that makes the fake unable to help but exclaim the two words “Fate”.

Yui Shirasaka


  • Full Name: Yui Shirasaka
  • Date of birth: 7/7/2000
  • Zodiac: Cancer
  • Height: 1m56
  • Measurements : 86 – 58 – 88

Yui is one of the new generation of 18+ idols of the new generation in 2020 with a small body, delicate beauty, beautiful lines, but three hot full rounds that are not inferior to the seniors of the previous generation. She joined the entertainment industry in January 2020 when she was just 19 years old and is one of the promising young girls in this industry.

The road to a career is full of fate

According to Yui Shirasaka’s share, she came to the profession by accident. Before joining the entertainment industry, Yui Shirasaka had an endless passion for “exploration”, Yui was a big fan of the detective manga genre and was a big fan of famous manga authors of this series such as: Suehiro Maruo, Ranpo Edogawa and Hisaku Yumeno.

With her hobby and passion, Yui Shirasaka really “engaged” on the path of becoming a private detective. However, this path did not seem to be quite what she expected. She started to get bored after entering the profession for half a year, but she was still only a “run runner” and did not have the opportunity to touch some real cases. And so she quit her job and did nothing for a long time.

During a period of depression and confusion in her life, Yui Shirasaka took a big turn when she met a stork who introduced a new job. When she was invited, she was walking alone in a bad mood, so she ignored it for later.

A few days later, out of curiosity, she came to the office to be introduced. When she recalled the incident later, she said that if she was too vigilant and alert, people would not see the current Yui Shirasaka.

After visiting the office and looking at the company’s actresses. She felt quite interesting and wanted to try it, so she participated in the interview. It was quite surprising that right after entering the interview, Yui Shirasaka was immediately selected by all 4 major studios, S1, Moodyz, Faleno and SOD as the exclusive actor, she further revealed.

Deciding to retire Most

Recently, Yui Shirasaka decided to retire and her fan community was very “shocked” with this decision of the beauty. It comes as no surprise to the fan reaction as Yui Shirasaka’s career is developing very well. It’s rare for any JAV actress who just entered the profession to be “hunted” like her.

It must be known that the rate of competition in this industry is very high, every year there are thousands of girls participating in casting to find opportunities, but the number of people selected can be counted on the fingers. But Yui Shirasaka decided to ignore this “favorite” after 2 years of shining with the profession.

Yui Shirasaka shared, this is a long-standing intention in her heart, not a momentary one, and she thinks about it a lot. But she feels that she is no longer interested in this job, however, she still does not leave her current company, but will return with a Yui Shirasaka in a different role in the entertainment industry. Hope fans will welcome a comeback in the near future.

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