One of the issues that customers are most concerned about after winning in betting games is how to withdraw money to their pocket. IOU has safe, fast and profitable withdrawal method. Players can withdraw money anytime, anywhere when needed.

If customers still have questions about how to withdraw money from IOU, the following article will help you understand the withdrawal method as well as the fastest way to receive your money.

Step 1: After successful registration and login, members open the application and select “My” then select “Cash – out” in the “My assets” section.


Step 2: After completing step 1, the player will see the following interface appear, the player proceeds to enter the bank account that he wants to withdraw money and  the amount to withdraw. Next is to confirm by clicking “Confirm”


* Please keep your IOU account information confidential, do not disclose it to avoid others arbitrarily withdrawing all the money in your IOU account.

*Your consumption needs to reach the same amount of the recent racharge to withdraw cash.

*If you participate in activities, VIP upgrades, etc. to get bonuses, you need to meet the corresponding conditions to withdraw cash. Please check the event details for specificconditions.

*If arbitrage is found, or the platform is used for money laundering and fraud, the platform will reserve the right to terminate the membership service and freeze the acount.

* If within 30 minutes, the money has not been received on the bank card, the player can immediately contact the customer service department 24/7 for quick resolution.

Wishing our customers the best of luck and great entertainment and relaxation experiences at IOU.

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