Tessasus – A Singaporean blogger with distinctive dark skin and elegant, glamorous fashion sense

Singapore is a country with a tropical climate, the average annual temperature is 26 – 33 degrees. This relatively stable temperature also greatly affects the fashion taste of young people in this country. It can be short, petite or tight clothes, etc. However, a simple and comfortable style is always the preferred choice of women in Singapore. To find out what fashion style you fit in, or find a style that you love, you can follow Tessasus – a fashion blogger with extremely attractive dark skin from Singapore.


Tessasus – A Singaporean blogger with elegant, glamorous fashion sense


Tessasus was born and raised in Singapore, full name is Tessa Tessasus. She was born on March 15, 1996, until now this girl is 25 years old. She belongs to the constellation Pisces. Girls under this sign are known for their gentle, feminine, positive and romantic personalities. Sometimes they are quite generous people. In everyone’s eyes, Pisces girls are very attractive.

Currently, she is a fashion blogger with a lot of followers. She was also invited to appear in many videos on YouTube. Thanks to her beautiful and seductive appearance, she is also a face that receives a lot of attention from brands. Especially beauty and skin care brands.

Regarding his love life and family, Tessasus has a younger sister named Tammy. She is currently single after many previous relationships. It’s hard to know how tall and specific Tessa Tessasus is. However, with the pictures that are regularly posted on social networking sites, it is enough for us to know how this girl has perfect body measurements.

There are many people who are always curious about this girl’s fortune, but she has never revealed any specific numbers. However, the photos of luxury houses, luxury cars or expensive items of famous brands are often shared by her on her personal pages such as Instagram, Twitter,… enough to understand wealth hers.

You can watch videos with the appearance of this beautiful girl. What she shows in the video is friendliness, tenderness, femininity and charm: Geylang Bazaar Cookies Challenge (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88TKLK-0w9c), McDonald’s Chocolate Pie Mukbang/Review (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhGuLG0D31A&t=218s), GIRL BAND CALLED GIRL BAND (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtLi-YxME70&t=175s),…

Fashion blogger

Tessasus is known to many as an extremely stylish and beautiful fashion blogger. She currently has millions of fans following on social platforms. This girl often shares outfits, photos of her personal and work life online. She attracts everyone’s attention because of her Southeast Asian skin, looks very healthy, and full of energy.

She has her own beauty, graceful, elegant, and also very liberal. Sometimes seductive, fragrant, and bright like a flower. Her fashion styles are loved and imitated by many young people in Singapore.

Shirts are one of the indispensable fashion items of Tessasus. Every time she mixes clothes with shirts, all eyes are on her. The girls will quickly memorize that outfit so that they can follow along.

She has the ability to temper to make the costumes go in a simpler style. An example of the yellow shirt is below the picture, the beauty of which these shirts really bring to Tessasus be excited. However, if you do not know how to combine, it will not look perfect. What you should do is fold the sleeves about 2 to 3 times to make the sleeves look neater.

Tessasus’s shirt is perfectly combined with a pair of jeans, helping her to become young and dynamic

Currently, low-waisted jeans or wide-leg pants are very popular in many ways to combine outfits. Of the ways to coordinate with shirts, jeans are often Tessasus‘s favorite choice. They make her look younger and more active. Sometimes pencil pants will make her look slimmer.

The girl with a beautiful shoulder

Off-the-shoulder tops are always a favorite and worn by many Singaporean girls. The design of these shirts really brings out the youthfulness and charm. Not only that, they also help the ability to dissipate heat to the outside more easily, bringing comfort to the wearer, very suitable for areas with tropical climates.

Tessasus often chooses off-the-shoulder tops that show off her sexy shoulders

These outfits are really suitable for girls with small shoulders, slim figures, but it’s okay to be a little round. But for those with broad, long or muscular shoulders, a little consideration should be given.

Each color will match a personality and style of dress. However, with the typical skin of Southeast Asians, Tessasus often chooses white shirts with simple designs. This body-hugging off-the-shoulder top helps Tessasus show off her super-small waist. 

Combined with this shirt will be a pair of jeans. Tessasus also rarely wears buttock pants because they make her look older. Sometimes, she chooses colors that make her look more mature. A body-hugging, off-shoulder dress with dark red tones is a perfect choice.

Her casual style of dress is simple, extremely youthful and charming with a white off-shoulder top

In general, with a beautiful and attractive shoulder, Tessasus often loves to wear off-the-shoulder clothes. If you love these outfits, you can follow this girl to learn more.

Sometimes choosing to change the color of her outfit makes this charming girl look so much more mature

“Charm and sexy”

If you are interested and search this girl on Google, you can see that most of her pictures are very hot. To choose outfits for streetwear, shopping, travel or even at home, she often chooses clothes that show off her round breasts, super small waist and butt that make many girls jealous. Typically, two-piece tops or strapless tops,… She also does not hesitate to wear hot bikinis on beach trips.

The clothes that help to show the beauty of the body are always preferred by Tessasus

In parties, body-hugging dresses are always a top priority. Usually the colors chosen by Tessasus are very minimalist such as white, black, brown, blue, gray,…

Tessasus always attracts all eyes at every party because of his hot body

The above article is all information and pictures about the charming girl from Singapore – Tessa Tessasus. Hopefully, through this article, you can refer to the clothes and styles that are right for you.

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