Risa Tachibana – 18+ movie superstar with a sexy body

Referring to 18+ Japanese movies, perhaps Risa Tachibana is always the first name that many people think of. As a famous goddess with a series of top-notch DVDs, Risa Tachibana is always the muse that makes men flutter and flutter. Reaching the peak of her career is like that, but she also got into many scandalous scandals.

Risa Tachibana

Risa Tachibana – A brief introduction about 18+ movie actresses

Those who regularly watch Japanese porn, Risa Tachibana is a very familiar name. Almost every hot movie title in Japan as well as in other countries has her appearance. Not to mention, besides being an actress, she is also very famous in many other fields, has a large fan base.

Risa was born in 1993. Her real name is Takamatsu Eri. The actress joined the entertainment industry quite early and is considered a promising star. She started her career as an idol singer. Risa participated in AKB48 – The most popular pop group at that time at a very young age.

After the incidents happened, Risa left the group, no longer being an idol singer. A while later, Risa returned and decided to become an 18+ actress. With the past that happened, she quickly received love from the public. Thanks to that, her career once again stepped to the top.

Risa Tachibana’s dark past makes many people pity

Saint Risa Tachibana once surprised the public with her past sharing. Being a name that was sought after with huge salaries when she was in AKB48, Risa chose to talk about a bitter event in her life. Accordingly, she was raped when she was only 17 years old.

This event happened is considered a big stain in the life of Risa Tachibana. Because she was too panicky and didn’t want to affect the whole group, the actress chose to leave. Also from here, she chose to give up her dream of being a singer. During that time, Risa retreated into hiding and very little information regarding her appeared.

Risa Tachibana stormed the screen with 30 seconds of debut

Thought it would disappear completely from the entertainment world, but in 2013, Risa Tachibana returned with a new role. She joined a company specializing in 18+ movies and decided to become an actress. This bold decision of hers surprised fans. Risa’s determination is very clear when she goes for breast augmentation.

Many believe that the dark past gave Risa Tachibana experience and made her make this bold decision. The thought that in the new role, Risa Tachibana will still have many surprises. But in fact, she caused a storm all over the social network with only the first 30 seconds of her debut. From the figure, expression to Risa’s face, all men are captivated.

Back after the scandal, Risa Tachibana’s name is even more famous than before. She even appeared in the top of the most popular JAV actors. Even her revenue compared to the time when she was active with AKB48 is also huge, a number that many people aspire to have.

Risa Tachibana and the scandal caused a stir in public opinion

The thought that Risa Tachibana’s life would turn to a new page, but she continued to be entangled in a scandal. Accordingly, the media began to question whether the actress was involved in a prostitution ring. However, in the face of all the accusations, Risa kept silent and silently completed her work.

Risa Tachibana’s peak reputation is always associated with dark markets. Consecutive incidents caused Risa to receive many criticisms. However, the talent and hot beauty of the actress is undeniable. For a better feel, you can search for her publications or DVDs to enjoy.

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