Rich Kid Novita Lam and her hot, sexy photos

Singapore is a rich country and is famous for many rich kids. One of the names is Rick Kid Novita Lam. She is an influential blogger on social media with shares about fashion, beauty, lifestyle. Her photos sent people into a frenzy with expensive items and lavish travels. If you want to know more about Novita Lam’s photos and information, follow the article below.

About Novita Lam

Novita Lam is the daughter of a wealthy Singaporean businessman, so she was known as Rich Kid Novita Lam. If you look at the photos on Instagram, you own a lot of expensive brand items.

Novita Lam’s main job is as a fashion and lifestyle blogger. She has a sized following on Instagram and here’s a look at her.

Quick facts

Novita is best known for her role as a fashion and lifestyle blogger from Singapore. She is one of the most prominent names among influencers in Singapore because of her wealth level. She was known as Rick Kid Novita Lam because she was the son of a wealthy businessman and she had a very lavish lifestyle.

  • Name: Novita Lam
  • Age: 20s
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: Asian
  • Profession: Influencer and lifestyle blogger
  • Marital status: Single
  • Education: Imperia College Business School
  • Place of birth: Singapore
  • Nationality: Singaporean


If you look at the photos posted on social media of Novita Lam, she has a fit and beautiful body height. However, there are no details about her height or body mass index.

Net worth

There is no information about Novita Lam’s net worth.People only know her as a rich kid in Singapore.

The best photos by Rich Kid Novita Lam

The photos of Rich Kid Novita Lam impressed viewers with her elegant beauty besides the extremely glamorous fashion style. Take a look at Novita Lam’s best photos.

Rich Kid Novita Lam and her hot, sexy photos

Dose of vitamin sea

Guess what’s on the menu? Me-n-u

merry christmas everyone

Rich Kid Novita Lam always takes time to take care of herself

novita lam day dreaming

Rich Kid Novita Lam has a pretty active lifestyle when regularly exercising

novita lam in cropped cozy knitwear

novita lam is very hard at running

Rich Kid Novita Lam lams luxurious parties

novita lam stands out in a long dress

novita lam works hard to keep her body in shape

perhaps life is just that a dream

rich kid novita lams balanced body

she is a brand ambassador for many brands

she is known as a rich kid who owns many expensive brands

the beauty of novita lam

whatever floats your boat

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Novita Lam

As introduced above, Novita Lam is the most popular name on Singapore social networks at the moment. She not only made an impact but was also a true rich kid. Rich Kid Novita Lam’s wardrobe is full of expensive items from luxury brands. In addition, everyone has to be jealous of her when the frequency of traveling is thick.

Highlights about Novita Lam include:

  • Novita Lam is the daughter of a wealthy Singaporean businessman.
  • She often wears sexy and delicate outfits.
  • Traveling and enjoying are the two main jobs novita lam “must” do every day

Josephine Yap

If you mention a name that makes thousands of boys love in Singapore, perhaps the name Josephine Yap will be remembered first. She is one of the most influential young women in Singapore. She possesses a “very Asian” beauty in addition to her impressive fashion style. Her main job is as a YouTuber, a photo model and an influential fashionista.

Speaking of fashion style, Josephine Yap often wears extremely sweet, feminine and sexy outfits.

Highlights about Josephine Yap include:

  • Josephine Yap possesses a sweet and feminine fashion sense, sexy but in moderation
  • She is a youTube star and a fashionista in Singapore.
  • She is the role model of many girls in Singapore because of her beautiful fashion style.

Berlin Ng

Speaking of a stylish and hot girl in Singapore, the name Berlin Ng cannot be ignored. This blogger has a certain influence on Singapore social media thanks to her sharing about fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Her Instagram photos always attract thousands of viewers thanks to her extremely sexy outfits, a hot body and extremely sexy boobs. Besides sharing about how to beautify, she is also the face of famous brands in Singapore.

Highlights about Berlin Ng include :

  • Berlin Ng has a small physique but knows how to choose clothes to enhance the sexiest parts of the body.
  • She owns a pair of extremely sexy boobs
  • Berlin Ng is also the face of many fashion and beauty brands in Singapore

Michelle Tan

Michelle Tan is an Asian beauty, but she’s “Western”. She is very popular on social media thanks to her dynamic and youthful fashion style. In general, her beauty is the combination of East and Western.

With a sexy body, she models for many big lingerie brands, she often wears bikinis that drive every guy crazy.

With her sexy body, she is a model for many bikini brands in her home country, and can easily catch her wearing hot bikinis that make every guy crazy.

Highlights about Michelle Tan include:

  • Hot body helps Michelle Tan win many contracts to model bikini right back home
  • Michelle Tan’s everyday style also burns her eyes.
  • She is not afraid to wear the sexiest clothes and make-up in the American style despite the asian face.

Mongchin Yeoh

One of the most influential bloggers in Singapore is Mongchin Yeoh. Not only is she a blogger, but she is also a fashionista. Her success comes from her beautiful appearance with impressive fashion styles, especially street style and gym style.

Highlights about Mongchin Yeoh include:

  • Mongchin Yeoh is a model, a fashion and beauty blogger in Singapore.
  • Mongchin Yeoh’s sexy fashion sense from gym to street is loved and learned by many girls
  • Mongchin Yeoh’s fashion is very sporty

That is all about Rich Kid Novita Lam and other top bloggers. About Novita Lam, she’s not just an influencer, she’s a rich kid known for her luxuries.

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