Qin Lan – Actress over 40 years old but still extremely beautiful like girls at the sweet seventeen

Qin Lan is a famous model and actress with a huge fan following. Although over 40 years old, this girl’s beauty really hasn’t changed. And Qin Lan’s love story has always been a topic of discussion among netizens. Do you really know much about this girl? The following article will be interesting information that you should not miss.

Qin Lan - Actress over 40 years old

Beautiful and talented are the words used to describe the beautiful Chinese actress

About Qin Lan

She was born on July 17, 1979, she was born and raised in China. Qin Lan studied and graduated from Shenyang University of Technology. Currently, she is an actress, model, singer and is better known for taking on roles in famous Chinese films such as “My Fair Princess III”, “Dream link”, ” Legend of Fan Liwa”, “Destiny By Love”,…. She is also a famous face invited by many famous brands to advertise and represent brands.

Although over 40 years old, She still has a slim figure with a waistline of 58 cm. Her outstanding appearance and stable performance helped her gain a lot of love from fans and audiences.

On her personal page, Qin Lan also often posts sports photos. The actress said she spends at least an hour a day in the gym. She also has a personal trainer to ensure the best results. With effort and perseverance, the actress always has a slim, toned body despite being over 40 years old.

Qin Lan also knows how to take care of her fashion style. She has two stylists to take care of the clothes she wears everyday and when filming and attending events. She loves body-hugging outfits, adding a bit of vintage textures to highlight her smooth white skin and perfect body.

In addition to taking care of herself, she is also appreciated for her professional working attitude and closeness to people. She is considered as one of the artists with the most stable career from a young age to the present of Cbiz.

The actress always has a slim body and a beautiful face even though she is over 40 years old

Qin Lan’s acting career

Qin Lan joined showbiz in 1999 as an advertising model. After that, she started to forge into acting and became one of the highly regarded names.

In 2018, after the movie “Story of Yanxi Palace”, Qin Lan’s fame and charm really rose to a new level. At the end of the film, she received many invitations to act in films and attend events.

Qin Lan was very famous and successful through her role as Fucha Rongyin in Story of Yanxi Palace

Qin Lan is appreciated both for her beauty and acting talent. She also used to be an actress, appearing in many hit TV series such as “My Fair Princess III”, “Dream link”, “Legend of Fan Liwa”, “Destiny By Love”,…

With a gentle face, Qin Lan often takes on characters with a dignified, feminine character. This makes it easy for her to record sympathy with the audience.

She has received major awards such as Golden Eagle Awards (2018), Best New Actress (2011), Best Supporting Actress (2013), Best Actress (2018-2019), Actress of the Year (2018),…

The complicated private life of a beautiful actress

Over 40 years old, but Qin Lan still has an excellent and perfect beauty, but the love story of this beauty is not very favorable. In China’s entertainment industry, Qin Lan’s love story is something that receives a lot of attention.

In 2013, after a period of love and dating, actress Qin Lan broke up with director Lu Chuan – “China’s most dangerous director”. Considered as a pair of “women of beauty and men of talent”, but in the end, they just went their separate ways. At that time, Lu Chuan was 38 years old, and Qin Lan was 28 years old. Qin Lan shared that she had been proposed to by her ex-boyfriend but was not ready, so she refused to enter marriage.

Qin Lan also had a scandal when she was a “rumor lover” of Huang Xiao Ming when she co-starred in “My Fair Princess III”. Although the two do not publicize their relationship, Huang Xiao Ming and Qin Lan are defaulted to being a couple in Chinese showbiz.

Qin Lan had a scandal when she was a “rumor lover” of Huang Xiao Ming when she co-starred in “My Fair Princess III”

However, this love story also has a sad ending. Specifically, that year, Huang Xiao Ming had a serious accident and was hospitalized for 1 month. Qin Lan at that time was extremely famous with countless movie and commercial offers. When her boyfriend had an accident, she only took a week off to take care of her boyfriend and then quickly returned to continue working. Besides, there were many other problems, in the end, the two decided to break up, since then they no longer stand on the same stage or event.

Farewell to Huang Xiao Ming, Qin Lan becomes more mysterious. She never shared her love story in front of the media, although many male colleagues fell in love with this beautiful actress.

However, recently, she has been caught up in rumors of dating a young man in a new movie. The guy mentioned is Dylan Wang – actor in the movie “The Rational Life”. The two actors often have intimate actions and are not afraid to interact with each other in front of the camera. However, there are many opinions that this is just an action to promote and increase the popularity of the film.

In addition to the complicated and “noisy” love story, Qin Lan is also suspected of plastic surgery, bossy and has an inappropriate attitude towards her staff. The image of her staff having to kneel to hold the microphone actually caused great controversy on social media.

The popularity and success that Qin Lan has now is due to her constant efforts. Above is also information about the life, work, and love story of this beautiful artist. Hope this article has brought you really interesting and necessary information.

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