Siew Pui Yi – the hot girl with the sexiest bust in Malaysia

Siew Pui Yi is a name that is no longer strange to young Asians. The popularity that she has is because she owns a beautiful face, attractive body, and especially a sexy bust. The photos that she posted online at first were mostly very sexy. She always reveals her bust and this is also the topic that the hot girl in Malaysia makes many people talk about. What do you know about this girl? Follow the article below to better understand the personality, life, and “rumors” about this girl.

Siew Pui Yi

The popularity that Pui Yi has is because she owns a beautiful face, attractive body, and especially a sexy bust

Who is Siew Pui Yi?

Pui Yi was born on August 1, 1998, this girl belongs to the constellation Leo. The girls of this constellation are usually strong and independent people. They are liberal and love freedom. It is their sociability and always helping others, that they are loved by many people. They are girls with strong personalities, always independent, and have many ambitions in their careers.

She was born and raised in Malaysia. Currently, Pui Yi is a model, as well as a YouTube content producer. She also represented Malaysia in a beauty contest in Hong Kong and won third place. About 6 years ago, this girl once entered the top 100 hottest and most beautiful faces in Malaysia despite being quite young.

She is a person who loves animals and traveling. Besides, she has a passion for food, she has also produced many food videos on her YouTube channel.

Pui Yi often posts pictures of luxurious trips

Where can you follow this beautiful girl?

With her hot and sexy appearance, Pui Yi has received a lot of attention from the online community. She has a huge fan following. By the end of 2021, she has nearly 16 million followers on Instagram, 900 thousand followers on Tik Tok, 120 thousand subscribers on YouTube and 450 thousand followers on Facebook.


Looking at this girl’s Instagram profile, you can easily see that she is very confident with her appearance. The photos she posted are extremely daring, making viewers admire. And what makes viewers focus the most is also what makes this girl stand out in each picture is her bust. It seems that it will be very rare for photos of this girl to appear discreetly. Currently, this girl has a huge following on Instagram, with nearly 16 million followers. This is really a number that many people dream of. You can follow at ms_puiyi to directly see this charming girl. Siew Pui Yi always updates her pictures and activities every day here.

You can easily see how confident she is with her sexy appearance from her Instagram photo


Besides modeling, Pui Yi is known as a Youtuber with nearly 120,000 subscribers at MS PUI YI channel. Her videos often revolve around the topic of beauty, fashion, life, cooking,… And of course, she is always impressed by her charming, perfect appearance, besides her intelligence and grace. Therefore, it is not too surprising that her products are well received and loved by fans.

Youtube is also a place to help Pui Yi earn a lot of money by receiving product ads for brands. Mainly beauty, healthcare or fashion brands.


Tiktok is also considered a platform to help this girl gain a strong fan base. The clips she posts every day have different content. The highlights are still the videos showing off the body, luxury travel. Currently, her Tik Tok channel (ms_puiyi) has nearly 900 thousand followers.


Anyone can see that a fiery round is the most prominent advantage in this 23-year-old hot girl. Continuously are photos that make the online community burn with a full circle, full of life. Currently, Pui Yi‘s personal Facebook page has about 450 thousand followers.

Rumors about Siew Pui Yi

With the continuous development of science and technology, image editing applications and software seem to be no longer strange to everyone, they are even more commonly used than Photoshop – a professional photo editing tool. These software can make every girl beautiful and attractive with just a few simple steps. This is also the reason why many people do not believe in the online photos of hot girls. Siew Pui Yi is no exception. And her breasts, which make her shine and confident, are the cause of her troubles.

Pui Yi always shows off her bust and this is also the topic that the hot girl in Malaysia makes many people talk about

Recently, on social networks, there have been a lot of bad rumors about this beautiful Malaysian girl. Specifically, she often posts photos showing off her extremely sexy breasts. And people have been saying that these pictures are not real. They claim that the photos have been edited to make her bust look more perfect and help her attract more attention. So is this rumor true or not?

The fact that Pui Yi really has a hot body, a height of 1m65 and a perfect three-round measurement, especially a super huge bust, has made many people suspect that it is not too difficult to understand. However, it is incorrect to edit photos to make the body hot.

So how did this strong girl respond to these rumors? At first, Pui Yi was not interested in these untrue rumors. However, silence is also not the best solution. Therefore, when everything went beyond her tolerance limit, this girl took action to respond extremely fiercely. Siew Pui Yi conducted a live stream to prove to the online community and fans that her breasts are completely natural. During the live stream, she wore revealing outfits that were extremely sexy and daring. Even she did not hesitate to show off her breasts naked. This response really silenced the anti-fans.

Above is all the information about the charming Siew Pui Yi. With a large number of followers, it is enough to confirm her hotness. Hope this article has helped you better understand this special girl.

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