Promotion is always one of the factors that players care about first when participating in games. Promotions not only bring profits to players, but also a first wish of fortune for players.

Coming to IOU, players will receive exciting and attractive programs. Because the promotion system of IOU includes fixed promotions and promotions according to events, holidays … so players can receive promotions by week, month, year. This is also the reason many players choose IOU as their entertainment area. It’s great to interact directly with beautiful idols while having fun with interesting games and receive attractive promotions all year round, isn’t it?

Do you know any promotions at IOU? Let’s update the most attractive promotions at IOU through the article below! Let’s start!!!


This is a welcome promotion for all new members of IOU. New players, when making their first deposit with RM 100 can get a bonus of 188 diamonds and this number of diamonds will increase according to the player’s deposit level. The biggest bonus can be up to 1,888,888 which is very attractive, isn’t it!

But that’s not all! Players can also receive promotions such as cool mounts, Avatar Frames and special effects to enter the livestream…

Terms and Condition:

*Arbitrage betting or any other form of deceitful shall render the account inactive and automatically blocked by the system along with all bonus being withdraw immediately.

*Any simultaneous betting on banker and player or big and small or other same action at the same bet-ting round shall render the account inactive and auto-matically blocked by the system along with all bonus being withdraw immediately.

*Each IP address is only entitled to ONE bonus appli-cation.

2, Promotion “Complete tasks” (Achievements and Reward)

The task completion promotion has been successfully updated by the app for customers, the task to get this promotion is very simple, especially with absolutely no promotion time limit. Players are completely active in doing tasks to receive promotions.

Some of the tasks in this promotion include: Complete your KYC verification; Login continuously to our app; Winning streak in our app, Wining streak in our app, … and many other promotions promising updates in the near future.

The rewards you can get through this promotion as such as: various styles of barrage; Premium avatar Frame; Cool entry special effects, Exclusive sport cars…

3. Promotion “Thousands of red packet rain, keep on sending joyness”

Thousands of red envelopes in the rain of gifts will be opened for all players at IOU regardless of new or old players. However, there are 3 levels to receive this lucky red envelope

3.1: Watch the live broadcast and garb Red Packet

The reward is in the form of random, the maximum number is 3 red envelopes per day. Players can catch pink bao when the rain of pink bao happens during the livestream every 30 minutes.

3.2: Definite Time Red Packet

For this form, players are required to have level 2 or higher. Red envelope distribution time frame is: 19:00, 20:00, 21:00, 22:00, 23:00 every day, reward is limited to 1 red envelope for 1 broadcast time frame. However, the difference is that the number of red envelopes will be equivalent to the number of people who are online during that time (At least 100 red envelopes per hour frame)

3.3: Consumption of Red packet, consumtion gift

Currently, strings are the most special form of the “rain of red envelopes”, requiring players to be level 3 or higher. The player can catch a red envelope every time he sees it. The conditions for seeing the rain of pink envelopes are quite simple: you can see it when you join a game, make a payment or buy an item. Although the number of red envelopes is limited to one per day, the value of red envelopes is sometimes up to 1,000 diamonds.

4. Promotion of deposit via bank.

At IOU, when players make a deposit through banking, they also receive extremely hot promotions.

Specifically, when players log in and make a deposit through the banking system “CIMB BANK”, “HONGLEONG BANK” and payment channel “HLB Bank”, they will receive an extra 1.00% of the deposit value.

This promotion IOU is designed to encourage players to deposit money through the banking system to ensure safety and enhance security for customers.

Coming to IOU, players promise to receive “so hot” promotions. What are you waiting for without downloading IOU to receive these great utilities right away!

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