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Nicole Choo is one of the most beautiful and hot influencers from Singapore. Her shares via blogs and vlogs are about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. She is one of Singapore’s most successful young bloggers with hundreds of thousands of followers. If you love Nicole Choo, let’s find out about her, especially Nicole Choo photos that are super hot

About Nicole Choo blogger

Who is blogger Nicole Choo?

Nicole Choo is a blogger and vlogger who shares beauty, fashion and lifestyle content.She is a young influencer who is quite successful through being sponsored by big brands as well as being an ambassador for Zalora.

As of December 2015, her blog has had 565,000 views. For her Instagram, it has 162,000 followers, and the YouTube channel has more than 55,000 subscribers as of September 2021.

Nicole Choo in her early age

Nicole Choo attended St.Margaret’s Secondary School, after which she graduated with a Diploma in Early Childhood Studies from Ngee Ann Polytechnic In Singapore.Besides studying, she works as an intern at childcare centres in Singapore.

In the early days of her career, she began blogging (in 2013) and created her own YouTube channel in February 2014.

Nicole Choo’s family life

Not too much is known about who Nicole Choo’s parents are. But there have been several times when they appeared in Nicole Choo’s videos. She has ancestors in China and Korea. She and her family currently live in Singapore.

Nicole Choo Career

Nicole Choo is best known as an influencer on social media. Her content is known for beauty, fashion, and sexy images on Instagram.

Her YouTube career began in 2014 with content posted about fashion, beauty challenges and prank videos. In 2016, she posted a video of makeup tutorials in collaboration with Shopback, the brand of beauty products. Nicole Choo is getting better and better when she’s partnering with other major brands like Uber, Coca-Cola and Resorts World Sentosa Singapore.

On March 10, 2018, she released a book titled Nineteen with bubble books. The content of the book includes many worships and stories inspired by her own feelings and life experiences. She also posted trips with Noah Yap. She has an account of her own meme as well.

Other things about Nicole Choo


  • Place of birth: Singapore
  • Date of birth: January 1 1999
  • Nick name: Nicole Choo
  • Real name: Nicole Alexa Choo
  • Age: 22 years old
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Blogger and Vlogger
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Sun sign: Aquarius

Physical Statistics

  • Height: 150 cm
  • Weight: 43 kg
  • Bra (Breast) Size: 30B
  • Shoe Size: 7 (U.S.)
  • Hair Color: Golden Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Body Type: Slim

Relationship Status

  • Marital Status: in Relation
  • Affair: Yes
  • Is she a lesbian?: No
  • Boyfriend: Noah Yap

Favourite Things

  • Hobbies: unknown
  • Favorite food: unknown
  • Favourite destination: unknown
  • Favorite color: unknown

Personal Life

In 2015, Nicole Choo dated a popular YouTuber, Ridhwan Azman. The couple announced their split after two years of dating on the grounds that it was a toxic relationship. Since then, she has kept her relationships private. She recently reportedly dated Noah Yap, a popular Singaporean actor and singer.

Nicole Choo Net Worth

Nicole Choo’s main income is from her influence in the media. She also makes a lot of money by collaborating with famous brands. Another source of income comes from the “Nineteen” book sales. Currently, her net worth is estimated at $1 million (USD).


  • Gymnastics and aerobics are part of Nicole Choo’s extracurricular activities
  • She has been featured in other YouTube products such as Team Titan and Unzippedtv.
  • Nicole Choo is featured in Influence Asia 2017, a live awards show hosted by Gushcloud Pvt ltd.
  • She has organized two book signing events at the bras basah and nex book stores.
  • On January 12, 2018, Nicole Choo released “Nikki The Label ” to deal with the false eyelashes.
  • In 2015, she entered a competition called New Paper New Face, where she failed to make the top 40.
  • She also owns an Instagram page about the meme called “wtflol.okbye” with thousands of followers.


Nicole Choo has been criticized for her book Nineteen. A review from Zyrup Published published that the content of the book is easy to digest but very amateurish and shallow. 

Even Dee Kosh and Hirzi Zulkifi posted a video of the attack with the goal of sexual harassment and threats online. Shortly thereafter, the video was taken down and an apology video was released. Nicole also received a lot of criticism when she was in a relationship with Ridhwan. Details of their relationship are that Nicole was in a toxic and emotionally abusive relationship.

In 2016, there were rumors of Nichole’s pregnancy with Ridhwan when she was 17.She later posted a statement that it was a fabricated rumor and she posted another video titled “Why I Hate the Internet.”

The best Nicole Choo Photos

Nicole Choo is famous not only for her contents, but also for her sexiness .Below is a list of the best Nicole Choo photos.

Nicole Choo Photos

Nichole Choo is super sexy in a red dress

Nichole Choo looks sexy in black dress

Nicole Choo photos with impressive outfit

Nichole Choo with boyfriend Noah Yap

Nichole Choo with impressive fashion style

Nicole Choo photos with hot sexy body

Nicole Choo in a bikini

Nicole Choo photos

Nicole Choo sexy in black bikini

Nicole Choos impressive photography style

Super sexy Nicole Choo photos

Super sexy Nicole Choo photos in good outfit

Super sexy Nicole Choo with super beautiful outfit

She looks super badass

A photo for Nicole Choos meme library

She is so sexy

Meme photo of Nichole Choo

Above is a selection of Nichole Choo photos with information about her. Nicole Choo is a well-known Singaporean influencer as a blogger and YouTuber.The topics she shared in the media attracted many views. She is also the author of a book called Nineteen. However, I also tried to make a lot of criticism about my personal relationship as well as my book.

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