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One of the most beautiful and hot actresses in Singapore today is Naomi Neo. She is also a lifestyle blogger, content creator and an influencer on social media. This 25-year-old beauty has a YouTube channel about lifestyle with attractive content. Let’s look at Naomi Neo cute pics, which will help you have a great relaxing moment.

About Naomi Neo

Naomi Neo is a famous Singaporean YouTuber and lifestyle blogger. She is considered one of the most influential influencers in Singapore. Despite having a pretty good academic background, she decided to focus on her blogger career and achieve a lot of success.

Below are quick facts about Naomi Neo

  • Date of birth: January 25, 1996
  • Age: 25 years old
  • Sun sign: Aquarius
  • Place of birth: Singapore
  • Famous as: Youtuber

One of the most influential YouTube stars in Singapore is Naomi Neo. Besides making YouTube, she is also known for her work as a lifestyle blogger, a media star. Naomi Neo cute pics are often uploaded on Instagram, helping her personal Instagram account get hundreds of thousands of followers.

Naomi Neo began her career blogging. Thanks to her writing skills along with interesting content, she quickly gained thousands of fans. She was then encouraged to create a YouTube channel to share her life.

With engaging content on YouTube, the channel quickly gained hundreds of thousands of followers.To date, she has nearly 500,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Naomi Neo started sharing her stories on the social networking platform Facebook.  With an interesting writing style, her content attracts the attention of many people, especially teenagers. Naomi Neo’s posts quickly went viral on social media platforms, and it was a springboard for her to start her blogging and vlogging career.

In 2010, Naomi completed a blog post titled “Mothers” to talk about the important role of motherhood. This article went viral and received positive feedback from many people. Since then, she realized that blogging was the job she wanted to pursue and that she wanted to be a popular blogger and be able to make money through her writings.

Having gained certain fans along with being encouraged, she created her own YouTube channel, where she shares a variety of topics ranging from life experiences, fashion, skincare to hilarious challenge videos.

Naomi Neo early life stage

Naomi Neo is a Singaporean, she was born in Singapore on 25 January 1996 to an upper middle class family. There was a time when she became depressed and became distant from her parents.

In her teens, Naomi Neo was academically competent but as her depression worsened, she began writing her thoughts on social media, namely Facebook.She then gradually became popular with the young community with her sharing, including her own stories, stories about her friends. Moreover, she also shares stories related to school life as well as social issues. That’s what made your name.

It was thanks to her intelligence and hard work that her writing skills got better and her posts were shared by more people, from which she became more popular. Her life changed forever at the age of 15 when she started blogging.

Naomi Neo blog career

The first blog post that attracted a lot of attention was titled “Mothers”, the blog post that helped her become famous. 

However, she later stopped blogging due to cyberbullying. Thanks to that period, she learned many things as a way to cope with the pressure. More specifically, this is also the time when she discovers new social networking platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, where we can see Naomi Neo cute pics.

Naomi Neo Youtube career

On December 17, 2009, Naomi Neo officially created a YouTube channel named after her. The first video she uploaded was titled “Superbass Cover.” Her videos range in terms of content such as fashion, makeup, skincare, challenge videos, jokes and Q&A videos.

Thanks to the interesting content along with the regular video download layer, her YouTube channel quickly became famous. She now has nearly half a million subscribers.Especially since uploading videos of her boyfriend’s presence, she has attracted more attention, including one which she was proposed to by her boyfriend.

One of her most viral videos, “Things Guys Don’t Know About Girls,” has been viewed more than a million times.

Naomi Neo personal life and family

After recovering from depression, Naomi Neo lives closer to her parents. It is through the care of her parents that she has a good relationship with them.

In her teens, Naomi was said to be depressed because most of her personal blog posts mentioned content such as struggling with loneliness, emptiness and depression.

Over the years, Naomi Neo has been invited to seminars to talk about her views on issues such as sex and bullying. She expressed positive concern about her outlook on life as well as her sexuality.

Naomi previously dated YouTuber JianHao Tan, but the couple later broke up due to personal differences.

Naomi announced on December 25, 2017 that she was engaged to her fiancé but not too much detail about him. She announced her official marriage on March 11, 2018 after posting a video of herself laughing on her YouTube channel.

Top sexies Naomi Neo cute pics

About Naomi Neo, she was born January 25, 1996 in Singapore, she is one of the most sexiest actresses, content creators and lifestyle bloggers in Singapore. Let’s take a look at top Naomi Neo’s top cute pics.

Naomi Neo cute pics

Naomi created her self titled YouTube channel on December 17 2009

Naomi Neo hot pic

Naomi Neo is a famous Singaporean blogger writer YouTuber and social media celebrity

Naomi Neo is beautiful with blonde hair

Naomi Neo shows off her body curves despite just had a baby

Naomi Neos very sporty image

Naomi Neo with cute face

Naomi Neo impresses with Drew branded T-shirt

One of Naomi Neos favorite photos

The Beauty of Naomi Neo

Above are the top of the best Neomi Neo cute pics, the beautiful blogger and YouTuber from Singapore. Hope these beautiful photos help you have great moments of entertainment

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