Mizuki Aiga – JAV’s new “Cherry Petal”

Mizuki Aiga is the captivating newcomer to the Japanese adult film industry. With beautiful beauty, vivacious personality and professionalism through each film, she quickly turned herself into the center of attention, outperforming the class of actors her age.


Full name: Mizuki Aiga

Date of birth: June 28, 2000

Hometown: Nagano, Japan

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Height: 1m58

Measurements : 85/57/85

Cup : E

Mizuki Aiga is a shining name in the newly-debuted beauties of Moodyz company. Mizuki started joining the company in October 2019 when she was just 19 years old. At this age, she is also one of the youngest people to join this 18+ industry.

Mizuki Aiga

What makes Mizuki Aiga attractive?

Mizuki Aiga’s first impression on the audience’s mind is that she has a petite body with a height of 1m58, but has a rare three-hour hourglass measurement (85/57/85). In addition, Mizuki Aiga has a beauty that favors meekness and tenderness. All these factors give Mizuki a gentle, pure, lovely but sweet, sexy beauty that makes viewers sympathetic from the first time they see her.

According to Mizuki Aiga herself, she considers her a cheerful, energetic, outgoing, and social person. She regularly updates daily activities as well as sexy “cool” images to promote her next products.

She also often interacts with fans on social networking platforms, so she quickly holds a large number of fans that make many of her peers dream. Currently, the number of her followers on Instagram surpasses  64.2k. Her personal Twitter page in just 3 months has gained more than 100k followers.

Outside of working time, the beauty’s daily life is also quite simple like friends of the same age as walking on the street, participating in social networks and not escaping the siege of “passion for gaming”. Mizuki Aiga loves the game Valorant very much, she said she can spend all day plowing the game without getting bored.

She also confessed that she is a “big fan” of Lazvell – a professional gamer of Valorant. Before that, this person was also a great CSGO player and was the captain of Team Absolute and participated in The Minor tournament. Mizuki said she learned a lot of skills from this player and her game character became much more powerful.

Career success

With her lovely personality and excellent physique, Mizuki Aiga quickly won the hearts of the audience. Up to now, Mizuki Aiga has participated in more than 06 films with different genres and roles, diverse genres from school sex, office to incest.

It can be said that she is not picky. The role has good acting, so the producer and the audience quite love and appreciate it.

Some of Mizuki Aiga’s movies that you can find are: MIDE-767, MIDE-745, MIDE-733, MIDE-721, MIDE-708, MIDE-699.

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