Min Chen – Malaysian actress and singer famous for her angelic beauty

Min Chen is a beautiful Malaysian actress. During her career, she has had a lot of success and fame through famous films. Her talent and angelic beauty are the reasons why she has such a large fan base. Currently, this girl’s Instagram profile has 1.1 million followers. Follow the article below to know more interesting things about this girl.

Min Chen

Min Chen – Malaysian actress and singer famous for her angelic beauty

Personal Life

Lin Min Chen is a Malaysian actress and singer. She was born on June 1, 1990 in Malaysia. She belongs to the constellation Gemini, the girls of this sign are intelligent, creative, generous and love freedom. When interacting with these girls you will feel the positive energy they bring.

Currently, Min Chen is living and working in Taiwan. She is the younger sister of 25-year-old actress and model – Brandy Akiko. Now she has a boyfriend. She also regularly posts happy photos with her family, friends and lover.

In 2014, Min Chen started modeling. After that, she was known to more people because of her angelic beauty. The opportunity also began to come to this girl, she received many invitations to be a photo model, a brand face to promote products of cosmetic, fashion brands,…

She also regularly posts happy photos with her family, friends and lover

After a while as a model, she decided to dive deeper into showbiz, becoming an actress and singer. Specifically, in 2016 Min Chen was a well-known name in Hong Kong and Taiwan. With her talent and beauty, Min Chen is a potential face that many film directors and producers seek and invite as an actress. She participated in the popular drama “Prince of Wolf” (2016) and left a lot of good impressions on the audience. After the success of this character, she was in turn invited to act in other films such as Love me (2016), Vampire Cleanup Department (2017), The Fatal Raid (2019), A Moment of Happiness (2020), …

She participated in the popular drama “A Moment of Happiness” (2020) and left a lot of good impressions on the audience

With her acting talent, grace, and beauty, besides acting, this girl also received many invitations to take pictures and television commercials of big brands, most notably Oppo.

In addition, at the same time as being known as an actress, Min Chen also started to release her own music and received a lot of compliments for the thoughtfulness and investment in each MV. In mid-2017, she released the official MV “Change” on YouTube and received 1.4 million views. Right after that was the official MV “Right One to Love” with 2.3 million views. Besides, she also has other songs including “Whoo” with 1.4 million views, “Unpossessive”, “My Happy Adventure”,…

Famous for her beautiful face like an angel

At the end of 2013 – early 2014, the world’s young people were extremely interested in the photo series “Follow Me” by a Russian couple – Murad Osmann and Nataly Zakharova. Therefore, the image of an Asian girl with a similar photography style at that time immediately attracted the attention of the online community. Min Chen quickly became famous and was constantly searching for information and sharing photos with netizens.

She attracts attention with trendy photos, with a very pretty face, delicate, smooth white skin. Not only that, she also has a well-proportioned figure and a very attractive bust.

She is nearly 160cm tall but weighs only 42kg. It may be a bit thin but these are the body measurements that make Min Chen look more perfect on screen. To get this body, she also spent a lot of time at the gym and dance studio. She always persistently pursues a healthy lifestyle to maintain her figure and beauty. Specifically, this girl has a pretty strict diet and exercise regimen. She often eats salads, low-carb, low-fat and low-sugar foods.

The girl’s beauty can be seen most clearly when she leaves her face bare. Even though she’s over 30 years old, she still looks like a 20 year old girl. Time has changed but Min Chen‘s beauty remains the same.

With beauty and a large number of followers, she is also often the object of many cosmetic and fashion brands chosen to be an advertising model.

Follow Min Chen on social media

The Malaysian girl now has a large fan base. Her personal Instagram page currently attracts more than 1.1 million followers. Her personal Facebook page has more than 1.6 million followers. Besides, she is also active and has music products on Youtube that are well received by many people.

Every day, Min Chen is also very active in posting his pictures on his personal page. Every picture she posted has received thousands of likes and shares.

She has trendy fashion style, good looking, feminine appearance and has a charming, radiant smile. Sometimes, Min Chen looks very simple and still very beautiful even with a bare face. Her beauty when bare faced really makes others jealous. Although over 30 years old, many people mistakenly believe that she is only 20 years old.

Not only beautiful, charming and passionate about acting, Min Chen is also a girl who loves sports. Every day, despite being busy with work, Min Chen always makes time for the gym. That is also the reason why many people are fascinated by her toned and extremely attractive body.

On her personal page, she often posts pictures of her life and work. It can be seen that she has many hobbies such as traveling, singing, playing the piano, taking pictures, yoga,… Especially, she is a person who loves animals. 

The outfits she chooses are often dynamic, comfortable but still very attractive such as body-hugging tops, crop tops, two-piece tops,…

She has trendy fashion style, good looking, feminine appearance and has a charming, radiant smile so it is loved by many young people

Above is information about Min Chen – beautiful Malaysian singer and actress. Follow this girl to regularly see pictures of this beautiful girl’s life and work. Along with that is receiving a lot of this positive energy that this girl brings.

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