Mahiro Tadai – the best rookie in the industry 18+ Japan

Mahiro Tadai is one of the new beauties of JAV insdustry. Mahiro Tadai has had a remarkable achievement when he won the first prize in the ABA 2018 award ceremony right when he was just a “baby” in the profession.

Mahiro Tadai


Real name: Mahiro Tadai

Date of birth: 4/3/2000

Zodiac: Pisces Height: 1m56

Measurements : 86(E Cup)-58-86cm

Blood group: AB

Twitter : tadai_mahiro

Instagram: tadai_mahiro

The story of entering the profession

The career path of JAV’s pearls is really not easy, many actors have to hide their families for years until they can’t hide anymore, some are even “rejected” by their families because they don’t accept them. Get the truth your daughter plays porn. However, there are unexpected exceptions that are the case with Mahiro Tadai.

The story she shared made the online community laugh and cry. The story is that she chose to hide her family when she joined the JAV cast. Unfortunately, the actor is required to have a social network account, through interaction with friends, Mahiro Tadai’s family discovered the truth.

But surprisingly, not only did the parents not prohibit Mahiro’s choice, but her mother especially supported her daughter’s decision. It’s hard to believe, but it does happen. Mahiro is indeed a lucky girl to have such a psychological family.

Currently, Mahiro Tadai is an exclusive actress of Soft On Demand. She is considered as a promising newcomer of the company because of her godly acting ability, fiery body and innocent and beautiful face. lovely.

Mahiro Tadai is still just a little girl in her twenties

Mặc dù bước chân vào nền công nghiệp 18+ và trở thành một người nổi tiếng nhưng cuộc sống Mahiro Tadai không có gì thay đổi quá lớn trong sinh hoạt hàng ngày. Cô nàng vẫn là một cô bé thích ăn uống tụ tập bạn bè dạo phố như các cô nàng lớp 2k khác; cô nàng còn cực kì nghiện chơi game và là một game thủ thực thụ.

Despite entering the 18+ industry and becoming a celebrity, Mahiro Tadai’s life has not changed too much in daily life. She is still a girl who likes to eat and hang out with friends on the street like other 2k class girls; She is also extremely addicted to gaming and is a real gamer.

Mahiro Tadai said she also played games with Laz – one of the famous gamers in Japan in the Valorant and CSGO series. She loved this gamer very much and learned from his way of playing. She often watches livestreams when playing games and interacting with viewers, so she has earned many “passers-by” who become fans because of the same desire to play games.

Dating story

Recently Mahiro Tadai was entangled in the suspicion of adultery of the famous film critic of the land of cherry blossoms – Arimura Kon. Specifically, on May 14, Arimura Kon was caught by a reporter entering the hotel with a strange girl. After the image was released, many people thought that the girl in the picture was Mahiro Tadai because the character’s appearance and short hair in the picture resembled her.

A few days later, Mahiro Tadai himself filmed a short video speaking out about the incident. She said she was completely unrelated to this film critic. Even, she and this person have no relationship, this allegation is downright bullshit.

she and this person have no relationship, this allegation is downright bullshit.

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