Kendra Sow – a hot girl from Malaysia that makes many people admire her Asian beauty

Asian beauty is always a very unique beauty. That’s also the reason there are so many Asian beauties receiving the attention of the press around the world. And Kendra Sow is also a name mentioned in recent years for its pure and lovely beauty. Not only that but she is also compared by netizens because she has the same beauty as Sa Lim – a hot girl from Vietnam.

Kendra Sow

Kendra Sow – a hot girl from Malaysia that makes many people admire her Asian beauty

About Kendra Sow

Kendra Sow‘s real name is Sow Khai Syuan. She attended and graduated from Segi College in Kuala Lumpur.

This beautiful girl regularly attends events of famous brands in phone, fashion, beauty and is invited to appear at big events such as Influencer Asia.

Not only that, she once entered the top 8 of Miss China International – Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2016.

Currently, Kendra Sow is living and working in Malaysia and China. Due to the nature of her job, she often has to go back and forth between the two countries to attend events and act as a brand representative and advertise for brands.

Her Asian beauty makes others admire

Although nearly 30 years old, it seems that the beauty of this girl has not diminished. Her bright appearance and delicate face always attracts people at first sight. It is not difficult to understand when the girl from Malaysia caught the eye of netizens. Since then, she has gained a huge number of fans and followers.

The attraction of round-faced, split-chin girls is currently a trend that receives a lot of attention from young people, and Kendra Sow is no exception when possessing these two characteristics.

Kendra’s beautiful face resembles the face of hot girl Salim from Vietnam. Both of them have sweet smiles, are naturally beautiful, elegant and have simple, clear makeup. That is also the reason that many netizens confuse these two girls with each other. When you put two pictures with the same pose, it will be difficult to tell which is Kendra and which is Salim. They look like two sisters.

Kendra (left) and Salim (right) both have beautiful smiles and look quite similar

Someone said that “beauty itself is a talent”, so it is not difficult for Kendra to become a photo model, sought after and invited to cooperate by many big brands.

Although her height is not as outstanding as other models, only 162cm. However, this girl still has a slim body, small waist, long legs, smooth white skin. Kendra Sow has a pretty small mouth, straight nose bridge, and her face has the beauty of an angel.

Sharing with the press

In an interview, she gives a lot of information about her work and life. Specifically, she said:

She is an artistic person, influential on social networks, so every activity and image that she posts must be delicate and energetic. She has a great passion for art, fashion, photography, makeup, and music. In recent years, she has also started appearing as an actress, which has brought a lot of opportunities for her.

Kendra Sow has a great passion for art, fashion, photography, makeup, and music

Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2016 was a wonderful experience this girl had. And she also had the honor of winning fourth place. This contest also helped her learn a lot of things.

She shared that the competition was very interesting but also quite stressful. Kendra Sow is a shy person who is afraid to film, but she tries to step out of her comfort zone. Up to now she has become a confident, beautiful and positive girl. This really helps a lot in her future career. She is always grateful for the opportunities the competition has given her. Those are the invitations to cooperate from big brands, to participate in acting, taking pictures,… She also gives advice to girls who want to become Miss or Model: Dare to walk and shine, you are an extraordinary girl and can do extraordinary things.

She also loves to make vlogs to share her daily life on social networks, so she often searches and watches videos of famous vloggers to learn more experiences.

What she usually does during the day is surfing the web to find inspiration for work. The two people who inspired this beautiful girl are Jojo Goh and Kendall Jenner. They are all famous models and have achieved in their careers.

Kendra Sow is also a person who loves to travel with her family. She says that a wonderful and fulfilling weekend is a short vacation with family.

Follow Kendra Sow on Instagram

With a beautiful appearance and achievements in work, it is not too difficult for Kendra to have a large fan base. Currently, she has nearly 200,000 followers on her personal Instagram page (@kendra.sow)

She regularly updates pictures of her life and work. Fashion style is also what makes her more attractive in the eyes of fans. Those are feminine, seductive but equally dynamic outfits such as two-piece tops, body-hugging suits,… Those costumes really flatter her figure.

The wealth and luxury in Kendra’s life is also reflected in luxury items from big brands such as Dior, Chanel, LV,… Especially, many of the items she has are also due to the brands giving them away, not from her out-of-pocket. This has further confirmed the popularity and talent of this girl.

With a beautiful face and smooth white skin, Kendra is also the face that many cosmetic and skin care brands invite as an advertising model in which can mention brands such as Chanel Beauty, Hermes, Shiseido, Cetaphil, Dove,…

Kendra is the face that many cosmetic and skin care brands invite as an advertising model

Besides Instagram, everyone can follow this girl on Facebook or YouTube. Her personal Facebook page currently has 30 thousand followers (Kendra 苏凯漩). With her passion for acting and her charm, Kendra has been very successful when participating as an actor in comedy skits or a vlogger on YouTube.

If you are looking for a fashion and beauty inspiration then Kendra Sow might be the right one for you. Her beautiful and seductive appearance with bold Asian features will surely make you admire. Follow this talented girl to know more interesting things about her.

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