Hot girl Jenna Chew is being criticized for her modified schoolgirl dress

Jenna Chew has a lot of popularity, she is famous for her unusual style of dress.

Jenna Chew

Malaysian beauty has more than 3 million followers with impressive earning ability.

The popularity on social networks helps her get advertising offers, modeling.

Jenna Chew was born in 1993 in Malaysia. The beauty has more than 3.2 million followers on Instagram and is mentioned as one of the richest social network beauties in Malaysia. Her work is related to the internet such as streamer, gamer, online advertising. According to celebstrendsnow, idolnetworth Jenna Chew owns a fortune of up to $67 million.

It was once reported that Jenna Chew’s fortune was up to $67 million.

She is considered one of the hottest social media girls earning the most money in Malaysia.

Currently, a number of other news sites such as popularbio, findcelebritywiki, worldgirlsportal,… have stated that her fortune is only about 5 million dollars. However, Jenna Chew is still a “hot” name on the internet, each post on her personal page attracts the interaction of social network users.

She also received many offers as a model, bringing a stable income. In addition, fans surmise that her fortune will increase more when the beauty is officially in business, self-employed.

She often favors flattering outfits with bold designs.
But choosing this style of clothing does not always lead to compliments.

Possessing a seductive body, especially a bust of more than 100cm, Jenna Chew often chooses to wear flattering clothes, but it is not always complimented with subtle sexy.

The beauty promotes fashion styles that not everyone dares to choose to wear such as short schoolgirl uniforms, revealing office wear, jumpsuits like drawing on people, etc. While there are completely different outfits. Exquisite curves.

She is one of those beauties who often wear bodysuits like this.

Even the female school uniform is shortened and sexy.

With the development of the internet, the phenomenon of celebrities on social networks is not uncommon. Being known helps them quickly get promotional offers or sell fan-specific content. This leads to some defiance to attract attention. Sometimes just beautiful, sexy dress is enough for popularity.

The beauty once caused controversy when wearing short appeared at the basketball court.
Jenna Chew’s less-sexy outfit choices are more appreciated.

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