Hot DJ Jade Rasif- Jade Rasif Biography, Net Worth, Body Measurement and Relationship

Formerly an actor, model, YouTuber and graduated in Psychology from the Department of Social Sciences and Arts of the National University of Singapore. However, Jade Rasif decided to pursue her passion to become a professional female DJ.She is well known throughout Asia for her beautiful EDM tracks. Not only that,  she is very beautiful and hot. Let’s find out about Jade Rasif.

About Jade Rasif


Jade Rasif was born on January 21, 1994 in Singapore. She is one of the most popular female DJs in Asia. She graduated from the National University of Singapore. Jade Rasif is the daughter of lawyer David Rasif. She is the oldest of three children.

She worked as a model and blogger before officially becoming a popular DJ. She has participated in major concerts around the world such as in New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore and more. She is also known as a judge of DJ competitions.


She was born in Singapore to a family of lawyers. Her father was lawyer David Rasif, who was famous for his client’s money scam. She studied Psychology and Mass Communication at the National University of Singapore, one of the world’s most prestigious universities.

Jade Rasif was previously reported to have dated a music instructor before becoming a DJ.

She was a model and runner-up at the 2013 TNP New Face contest.

Net worth

Jade Rasif’s net worth information remains unsealed. However, she is arguably the richest female DJ in Singapore. According to multiple sources, her net worth is estimated at $1 million.

Body Measurement

Jade Rasif is a female DJ with an extremely hot and extremely sexy body. However, there is no accurate information about her height, weight and body measurements. Information about her body measurements will be updated as soon as possible.

Other facts

  • Jade Rasif was born on January 21, 1994 in Singapore.
  • She is a very famous DJ 
  • She graduated from National University of Singapore
  • Her father is the scandalous lawyer David Rasif
  • Jade Rasif is the oldest children in her family

Jade Rasif all best photos

Hot DJ Jade Rasif

Currently Jade Rasif is following a diet high in green vegetables and seafood to maintain a balanced image

For makeup Jade Rasif especially likes to use contact lenses and Chalk to creates blocks so that the face is compact but still has accents

Information about plastic surgery has not been as authentic as since 2016 she went through a strict diet when to qualify as a female DJ

Jade Rasif also has a good academic record after graduating from the National University of Singapore

Jade Rasif is singapore’s highest paid female DJ

Jade Rasif often practices sports such as running swimming and lift weights to get in good shape

Jade Rasif started her DJ career at the age of 24 and has become famous throughout Singapore

Many people think that Jade Rasif has undergone plastic surgery to get the appearance she is now

Not only talented Jade Rasif is also very beautiful and hot

She’s known for her modeling show and her love of music Jade Rasif quickly succeeded as a DJ

Thanks to the weight Jade Rasifs face is smaller she looks taller and slimmer body

The beauty who was born in 1994 also admitted to having an impact on her skin for better skin

The secret to having a beautiful body like Jade Rasif

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That’s the information Jade Rasif has as well as the secret to having a beautiful body like her. Jade Rasif is one of the most talented, famous and wealthiest female DJs in Singapore in particular and Asia in general. She also had a good academic record when she studied at the National University of Singapore.

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