Hot DJ Amber Na- One of the sexiest DJ in Asia

Hot DJ Amber Na is a talented Asian DJ.She attracts millions of fans online thanks to her cute face, sexy body. She has been praised by the media as the new generation goddess, with more than 2 million followers on her Instagram page. With talent and a hot appearance, Amber attracted the attention of many Asian netizens. Let’s find out more about Amber Na and see all her best photos.

About hot DJ Amber Na

Hot DJ Amber Na was born on November 5, 1997 in Malaysia and is known as a DJ. Her popularity is not only limited to her homeland but also widely known in Singapore, Taiwan. Some people mistakenly believe she’s from Taiwan.

Not only scoring points by outstanding beauty, Amber Na is also admired for her academic achievements. She graduated in Law and Business in Singapore. In 2019, the female DJ moved to Taiwan (China) to develop her career. Besides her main job, the 25-year-old hot girl is also a model, actor and MC of talk shows.

In an interview, the Malaysian DJ said that when she started the job, she was met with fierce opposition from her family, especially her father. “My family members are all law-related workers, so they want me to follow the family career path. My father said that if he spent money on my studies, I should make money with knowledge, but I didn’t agree,” she said. In the end, Amber Na is determined to pursue her passion.

Since 2016, when she was a student, modeling and DJ work has helped her pay for her tuition. Her exposure to the entertainment industry has made her increasingly hungry to be famous. After many efforts, the Malaysian beauty achieved success and became the face of many brands invited to cooperate.

Currently, hot DJ Amber Na is the MC for a variety show in Taiwan. In contrast to the bold fashion style on social media, she is considered to have a naive, cute look when appearing on the show. In some broadcasts, she has performed the challenge of removing makeup and impressing viewers by the beautiful original face no less than makeup.

After many years of career, she built a reputation but was also repeatedly harassed by male audiences. However, Amber considered it a “career accident” and did not let it affect her professionalism on stage.

Hot DJ Amber Na in details

Biography, Bio-Data, Profile of DJ Amber Na

Hot DJ Amber Na is one of the most popular female DJs in Asia. She was born in Malaysia in 1997 and is currently active in Entertainment in Taiwan.

  • Full name: Amber Na
  • Profession: DJ, Model, Traveller #beauty #fashion #influencer #lifestyle
  • Place of birth: Malaysia
  • Date of birth: 5th November 1997
  • Nationality: Malaysian
  • Homeland: Malaysia

Hot DJ Amber Na now has 2 million followers on Instagram, making her one of Asia’s most popular female DJs. Although she graduated in law, she has a great passion for music, which is why she pursued a career as a DJ. Her music is highly regarded for dynamic mashups from different genres, from EDM, House, Hip-Hop, Top 40s, Trance and Hardstyle.

Body measurement, Height & Weight of Amber Na

There is no specific information about hot DJ Amber Na’s body measurement.The information will be updated as soon as possible.

  • Height in Feet: 5 Feet 7 Inches
  • Weight in Kilograms: 50 KG
  • Body Size: 32 Inch
  • Hip Size: not available
  • Eye color: not available

Family & Relationship, Love Afraid of Amber Na Asian Music Artist

There is not too much information about the family or relationships of hot DJ Amber Na. According to her in an interview, her family has traditionally done law-related work.

  • Father: unknown
  • Mother: unknown
  • Brother(s): unknown
  • Sister(s): unknown
  • Children: unknown

Education of Amber Na

Amber Na has a very good academic background, namely that she graduated from law school in Singapore.

  • School name: unknown

Net Worth & Income of Amber Na

Although not much is known about net worth and the earnings of hot DJ Amber Na, she is known as one of the richest DJs in Asia.

  • Net worth: from $1 Million To $8 Million (Approximate)
  • Monthly salary: from 50000 USD to 70000 USD (Approximate)

Hot DJ Amber Na photos

Amber Na is a female DJ with a “fiery” body, receiving the attention of many young people on social networks. Her Instagram profile has more than 2.1 million followers.

Hot DJ Amber Na- One of the sexiest DJ in Asia

And success came to Amber Na when her name received the admiration of many people

Besides her main job she is also known for her role as an actor and MC

Each of her moments attracts tens of thousands of likes She also posts pictures of herself to socialize with fans

Hot DJ Amber Na praised as the sexy goddess that makes many people fascinated

In addition to the gym Amber Na spends more time learning to dance Because practicing dance is also a way of moving the whole body to help burn energy efficiently

It is known that in order to own such a beautiful physique thousands of enthusiasts Amber Na has also worked hard at the gym

Not only outstanding with a lovely face burning physique Amber Na also impressed by having graduated in International Business Law but not pursuing this job but determined to go with the DJ career

Scrolling through the Instagram profile of a Malaysian hot girl many people admire her sexiness

She also shows that she does not diet too hard with her body while still comfortable eating her favorite sweets or enjoying greasy foods

She once shared that her family did not support her as a DJ but wanted her to pursue law But Amber Na remained steadfast in her resolve

She spends her Instagram space sharing her daily life and music related work

The beautiful DJ is also the face of advertising that many brands love However Amber Na doesn’t seem to pay too much attention to this area

The hot physique with large breasts and hourglass body of the female DJ makes her name always hot online

That’s the information and photos of hot DJ Amber Na, a girl who is both beautiful and talented.In addition to her musical ability, Amber Na also has an impressive background when she graduated from business law school in Singapore.

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