Gatita Yan – The girl who has an extremely attractive body and the controversy about her actions on live streaming

Gatita Yan is one of the famous live streamers not only in Malaysia but also in many other countries of Asia. The pictures posted by this girl are extremely seductive with bikinis. Recently, she has also caused a lot of fierce controversies when letting fans touch her body, taking off her shirt to show off her bust on a live stream.

Gatita Yan

Gatita Yan is one of the famous in many countries of Asia

About Gatita Yan

Gatita Yan was born in 1992, is a Malaysian fashion model and hot streamer. She is a popular streamer on Malaysian social networks, currently living in Shah Alam, Malaysia.

Pursuing a glamorous fashion style, every time she appears, she always creates a highlight to attract all attention

Possessing a sexy and hot body helps Gatita Yan now have a large number of followers. Currently, on her personal Instagram page, this girl has 150,000 followers.

Pursuing a glamorous fashion style, every time she appears, she always creates a highlight to attract all attention.

Gatita Yan is one of the most famous selling online in Malaysia in recent times. The owner of this sex toy shop has been very famous for her beautiful appearance like a movie star. Thanks to her beautiful face, hot, well-proportioned body, and smooth white skin, she easily attracts her potential customers. The favorable business also helps Gatita Yan to have a good source of income.

In addition to the field of live streaming, she also models for many famous fashion brands in Malaysia, especially lingerie fashion brands.

Despite being famous, in real life, Gatita Yan is still just like other ordinary girls, she is an active, lovely person who loves to travel and meet friends.

She also models for many famous fashion brands in Malaysia

Gatita Yan’s beauty makes every girl jealous

This model is famous for her extremely beautiful and sharp face, besides her perfect body with a huge bust that every girl must envy.

Understanding that, on her social network accounts, Gatita Yan also regularly posts beautiful, seductive images with hot bikinis. There are even photos of this girl without clothes, she only uses her hands to cover sensitive parts of her body. If you follow this girl, you will often see her posing in deadly sexy nude photos.

In product promotional photos or clips, Gatita Yan captivates the boys with her delicate face and hot body.

To get this perfect body, she also has to go through strict diets and exercises. Gattita Yan often shares secrets to maintain her attractive beauty such as practicing yoga to stretch muscles and stay young and beautiful for a long time or drinking pure coffee to fight to age,… Her meals will be mostly vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and grains. She always tries to limit sugar, fat, and starch to keep in shape.

Founder of a shop selling “sex toys”

Sex toys are currently sold a lot in the market. However, usually, both sellers and buyers try to trade in a “silent” way.

But in Malaysia, Gatita Yan openly sells sex toys on Facebook and other social networking sites. Not only that, but she is also very hardworking, happy, and open-minded every time she talks during the live stream to advise buyers.

Gatita Yan is not like other girls who are always shy and embarrassed when it comes to sex toys. She is really comfortable when sharing about the products that she is trading.

However, the attraction of Gatita Yan not only comes from her hot body but also from her very charming way of talking. Although dealing with sensitive items, Gatita is very polite and patient, she answers most people’s questions. She is often harassed by male customers but the way she responds is very clever.

Knowing how to take advantage of her appearance, Gatita often wears tight suits, bikinis to show off her body curves every time she shoots sales videos. It is known that her fans also have many potential customers. So the more followers, the more chances this girl has to earn.

The attraction of Gatita Yan not only comes from her hot body but also from her very charming way of talking

Gatita Yan’s controversial act on a live stream

It seems that over time the boldness of the streamer girls is increasing. In the past, there were also “accidents”, unintentionally revealing sensitive points on the body that made many people feel depressed. However, now they are no longer unintentional but have deliberately revealed actions. Some streamers also take advantage of social networking and live streaming platforms to make money with offensive actions. Typically, the case of Gatita Yan is causing a lot of conflicting controversies recently.

Possessing a charming body, hot fashion style, so every time she appears, she always has actions that attract a lot of attention. But just that, maybe not to the point of being so indignant by netizens until she published a shocking video on her personal page.

Specifically, Gatita Yan shared images where she accepted to take money from an unknown man and let him freely do some extremely sensitive touching actions. He even took off her shirt.

Yan Gatita’s boldness and repulsiveness this time made her receive a lot of fierce criticism from netizens. Even her fans have turned against her. They believe that this video has made Gatita Yan lower her self-worth a lot. More seriously, some comments even advised her to change careers, going to 18+ movies would probably be more suitable. But it seems that these negative comments were part of Yan Gatita’s plan before. Because she did not show any worries, she excitedly said that this could help her earn a huge amount of money, more than 100,000 USD per month. Of course, that amount was many times higher than the amount she received from the live stream job.

With the strengths in appearance, it is not difficult to understand when Gatita Yan takes advantage of them to bring many opportunities to her work. Follow this girl for more hot and sexy pictures of her.

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