Fedora Ng – Charming and beautiful girl from Malaysia with perfect body by strict exercise regime

Fedora Ng is a name that receives a lot of attention in Malaysia, especially among young people. This girl is famous for her perfect body. To get that, this girl had to have an extremely strict diet and exercise regimen. Follow the content of the article below if you are really interested and want to know more information about this beautiful girl.

Fedora Ng

Fedora Ng is a name that receives a lot of attention in Malaysia

About Fedora Ng

Fedora Ng, a hot girl from Malaysia, was born in 1995. She is one of the young girls pursuing a very famous sexy style in this country. Currently, she lives and works in Kuala Lumpur. Fedora’s main job is as a travel blogger and model. She often travels, experiences services at famous attractions and resorts in Malaysia and abroad.

Possessing an impressive height, attractive body, three body measurements that everyone wants, it is not difficult for Fedora Ng to receive invitations to model photos or advertise products.

Fedora Ng became famous after winning Miss Malaysia Cheongsam 2016. Thanks to her beautiful and well-proportioned appearance, delicate face, sweet smile, Fedora Ng quickly gained the love and support of more people.

On her personal side, fans are always satisfied with the beautiful shimmering photos of their idols. Fedora Ng also often shares about cosmetic products, fashion, and beauty services.

Strict diet and exercise

Although her busy work always makes Fedora Ng move often, she always maintains a strict diet and exercise regimen, so she always keeps the perfect figure that everyone dreams of.

According to Fedora Ng, the secret to having a perfect and fit body is to exercise continuously and maintain them continuously. She also shared that many young people want to have a beautiful body but only focus on losing weight by dieting and skipping exercise. This is not really effective. Because you only eat less but do not exercise will make the body not toned, lack vitality. So even though the weight has decreased, the overall body is still not beautiful.

She advises people to combine exercise and diet. It is important not to get discouraged or complacent. Because there are many beautiful people and then stop exercising and eating healthy, this will not maintain the shape and beauty of the body.

Fedora Ng regularly updated photos of sports activities

Fedora Ng’s diet is like many other celebrities, she eats grains, vegetables, fruits and avoids foods high in fat and sugar. Even with fruit, she also chooses low-sugar, high-water varieties to eat. Fedora Ng also said that her job is as a travel blogger, so having to experience and enjoy the food at the places she goes is not to be missed.

However, due to the nature of her job, she has to keep her slim figure, she always has to actively exercise and has a stricter daily diet than the average person.

For women who want to have a slim waist and a beautiful figure, it may not be necessary to be too strict with themselves but must make an effort to maintain good habits such as healthy eating.

During the stressful epidemic, Fedora Ng shared that she could not move abroad as before, the work intensity also decreased, but she did not allow herself to stop practicing. That is probably also the reason why Fedora Ng is always confident and charming in any situation.

Even at home, the Malaysian hot girl is still extremely beautiful and attractive. Her body is really the dream of many young girls.

She always tries to maintain healthy eating habits and exercise to have a beautiful body

Where to follow Fedora Ng?

You can easily find pictures and activities of this beautiful girl on Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok.


After the contest, Fedora became a photo model invited by many brands to cooperate. The Malaysian beauty attracts a large number of followers when she regularly posts bikini photos showing off her hot figure on her Instagram profile. Her pictures are also shared a lot on social networking platforms.

The outfits she chooses are usually two-piece tops, bikinis, or body-hugging suits. They make her always attractive and sexy with a small waist, round breasts, smooth white skin, and long legs.

On her personal page, she mainly shares about daily life, travel, cosmetics, fashion, and beauty services.

Fedora’s main job is as a travel blogger and model. She often travels, experiences services at famous attractions and resorts in Malaysia and abroad.

At this time, due to the impact of the epidemic, she mainly participated in domestic events, received projects as photo models and advertisements. She also expressed hope that the epidemic will soon be controlled so that life returns to normal, she can make more trips. Currently, Fedora Ng has more than 310,000 followers on Instagram (fedora_ng)

The outfits she chooses are usually two-piece tops, bikinis, or body-hugging suits

Tik Tok

With her beauty, grace, and talent, Fedora received a lot of love from fans on Tik Tok (@fedora5230) Although she just created a channel, this girl has more than 300 thousand followers on Tik Tok. If you follow this girl, you will not be too surprised by the boldness of her outfit.

She regularly posts short videos with a variety of content that is constantly updated according to trends. The content includes trending dance, skincare, makeup, makeup, eating, training, travel,… To know more interesting things about this girl you should follow and watch her videos on Tik Tok.


Although there are not too many activities like Instagram and Tik Tok, Fedora Ng also receives a lot of attention on Facebook with more than 10 thousand followers.

It’s really not too difficult to understand that nowadays there are many young girls pursuing a glamorous style and considering Fedora as an ideal type.

If you are looking for motivation to change and own an attractive body, you can follow Fedora Ng. There will be a lot of interesting things that you feel from this girl. Hope this article has brought you really useful information.

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