Erika Momotani- A shining star in the industry 18+

Bright star Erika Momotani, who was named the most beautiful 18+ industry in Japan, retired after only 6 months.

Erika Momotani


Full name: Erika Momotani

Date of birth: June 14, 1994

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Height: 1m65

3-round measurement: 84 / 56 / 82

Erika Momotani was once named the most beautiful JAV Queen of all time; the most beautiful in the 18+ actress class, succeeding senior Maria Ozawa. Erika Momotani has a fragile face, a height of 1m65 with an hourglass standard body, a 56 cm ant waist that makes many boys fall in love. Erika Momotani’s face is extremely attractive by her cuteness, beauty and vivid expression through each film. Many fans have to admit that they “insomnia” because of this beautiful girl.

Erika Momotani’s name is also very famous abroad, especially in Taiwan, China, and Korea after only a few months of debut. However, the beauty’s 18+ career lasted only 6 months, making many fans feel disappointed and always looking forward to Erika’s return.

Erika Momotani’s career

Different from other girls, the reason Erika Momotani came to this 18+ film industry is due to family economic factors. Her parents are facing economic difficulties, so Erika wants to help the family, in early 2014 the young girl came from a poor countryside to “knock on the door” of one of the studios specializing in the production of heavy AVs. She quickly caught their “blue eyes” and began to become the “talented cat” of the company.

However, after she “put down her sword”, this reason became the focus of controversy because she said she deceived the audience, this is a media trick to deceive fans’ trust. Erika Momotani is considered by directors as a promising bright gem. The popularity and reception far exceeded the seniors in the previous profession. She owns a huge fan base and creates extremely high commercial value for the studio even in a short time of only 6 months.

In August 2014, Erika Momotani announced her retirement to the surprise of many fans, when she was at the peak of her career. Erika Momotani only acted in 11 movies, now these 11 movies have become precious collectibles of JAV fans. After announcing her retirement, Erika Momotani remained anonymous, there were rumors that this beauty was married and settled in the US, but the rumors were quickly extinguished by the management company.

Occupational incident

While working in the 18+ field, Erika Momotani had a big problem. Erika’s management company has been stolen by a hacker who stole Erika’s movie stock and spread it on social networks. The incident was only stopped when the company found the hacker and prevented him from spreading the rest of the movies. The above incident caused great loss to the beauty herself and the management company and this effect lasted for a long time.

Some movies of Erika Momotani

  • HRV-053: Totally Beautiful Girl, I’ll Borrow Her. 1st Store BEST 30 People, 8 Hours vol. 01
  • TRE-141 : A Prestige Exclusive Actress Her First Undressing & SEX BEST PREMIUM COLLECTION Vol.01 A Treasured Film Collection Featuring Ultra Rare Footage From Before Her Exclusive Debut!
  • HRV-025: Unending Squirting Beauties Special: 40 Women, 8 Hours. vol. 01
  • HRV-001: Passionate Kissing Devil’s Kissing Sex Actresses Love Kissing Passionate Spit Dripping Fuck Filled With Love From 8 Women
  • ABP-138: 桃谷エリカがご奉仕しちゃう 超最新やみつきエステ
  • GAH-105: Trip To The Onsen Where You Can Book A Beautiful Girl 8 Hours SP 3
  • GAH-098: I Was Lured To Temptation By My Girlfriend’s Beautiful Older Sister 8 Hours
  • GNE-176: My Girlfriend’s Excessively Beautiful Older Sister Lured Me To Temptation 1
  • GAH-079: We’re Renting Out The Best And Strongest AV Actresses 40 Ladies/8 Hours
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