Cathryn Lee – Malaysian beauty shares the secret to regaining her perfect body when she dropped from 52kg to 45kg

Cathryn Lee is a Malaysian social media hot girl, known as a pianist, actress, ballet dancer and fitness blogger. With a pretty face and charming beauty, Cathryn is known by many as the “piano goddess”. So what’s interesting about this girl that you don’t know? Want to have a slim body like her? Follow the article below to see how this girl has effective ways to lose weight.

Cathryn Lee - Malaysian beauty

Cathryn Lee shares the secret to regaining her perfect body when she dropped from 52kg to 45kg

About Cathryn Lee

As of 2021, Cathryn Lee is 32 years old, a Malaysian but she is active as a pianist, singer and actress in the Hong Kong entertainment industry. During her time at Birmingham Music School, she was discovered by Pham Bang Bang’s assistant, then moved to Hong Kong to develop her career. The beauty is also known through the movies Mad Love, Hungry Ghost, Special Female Force…

Cathryn Lee is a pianist of Chinese and Malaysian blood. She possesses crystal clear beauty, every time she plays the piano, she makes a strong impression on viewers.

Previously, because of her beauty, talent and pure private life, Cathryn Lee was once invited by the Jeju Tourism Association (Korea) to be an ambassador. Not only has a large fan base in Malaysia, but Cathryn also attracts many followers in the online community of Asian countries such as China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam…

What does Cathryn Lee do to lose weight and have a perfect body?

Especially known for many different talents, however, that is not the reason to attract a strong fan base of this girl. And the main reason is that thanks to her balanced, healthy body and a toned abs line, is her special attraction.

If you just look at Cathryn’s face, you will definitely think that the 29-year-old Malaysian beauty is a person with a slim body, even a little thin. But in fact, Cathryn has an extremely perfect body measurement, the measurement of all three rounds on the girl’s body really makes every girl jealous. In particular, a grooved waistline and no excess fat is the dream of every lady in the world.

The reason she attracts a large number of fans is due to her balanced, strong body and toned abs

To get this beautiful figure, Cathryn Lee always maintains a healthy, active lifestyle. In addition to most of her time practicing piano and ballet, Cathryn spends a certain amount of time in the day working out and getting fit in the gym.

Before that, Cathryn Lee used to own a body that was not very attractive with a weight of 52kg. After finding a scientific diet combined with rigorous exercise, the hot girl has reduced to only 45kg.

Cathryn once shared that she spent 7 years training to get her current sexy body. Cathryn Lee applies the principle of weight loss to focus on cutting calories into the body. She mainly eats a variety of green vegetables and fruits, supplemented with lean meats and low fat. Besides, she also avoids eating bad starches and actively drinks a lot of water during the day to accelerate metabolism.

Another habit that Cathryn Lee also wants to share with everyone is that she doesn’t eat junk food, skips sugar and only drinks black coffee.

Her training method is also really strict. Along with healthy eating, Cathryn Lee also shared that she often does aerobics, combines ballet every day to improve the state of excess fat in the body, while having a toned body and keeping the softness of her body. In particular, every day she does 500 jumps and jogs 30 minutes before breakfast. In addition, Malaysian beauties also work hard with weights to quickly get toned abs.

Follow Cathryn Lee on Instagram

With her beauty, attractive figure, and talent, Cathryn Lee has attracted more than 2.1 million followers on her personal Instagram page.

Although she is a famous pianist in “the land of palm oil”, people are more interested in diet and exercise to help her have a beautiful body.

With her popularity on social networks and a large number of followers, the “piano goddess” received many invitations to act in advertisements and model photos for famous brands. She makes many people admire when she leads a luxurious life, often travels to many places, and buys expensive items such as bags, shoes, jewelry, clothes, etc.

Currently, she has a toned body, flat abs, and a height of 170 cm. On her personal page, this beauty often shares the training process and the secret to keeping fit.

Having a sexy body, Cathryn is also very hard to show off her figure in the photos posted on social networks. On her personal page, she often posts photos of bikinis or tight-fitting outfits that flatter her figure. In particular, sportswear is one of the indispensable items in her wardrobe. If there are 10 photos posted, there will be 6 pictures of this girl wearing sports clothes or working out in the gym. This further affirms how important exercise and keeping in shape are for Cathryn Lee.

Sportswear is one of the indispensable items in her wardrobe

The beauty spent a lot of her time in the gym. Perhaps also because this healthy living habit has helped her have healthy, extremely beautiful skin. Although over 30 years old, she still looks very young, like a 20-year-old girl.

Besides bodybuilding, practicing piano and ballet are also her favorite activities of the day. They make her life more interesting, more positive and these are also the things that help her achieve so much success today.

If you are looking for a beautiful and toned body. If you are looking to lose weight, follow Cathryn Lee to motivate yourself. Seeing this girl every day will give you more determination to stand up, put on sports clothes, roll out the mat and work out. Hope you will get the perfect body as expected.

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