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Blogger Naomi Neo has had an impressive career. In 2019, she made hundreds of thousands of dollars from blogging. At the age of 16, she started making hairdressing tutorials on YouTube. At the age of 18 she became popular among Singapore’s youth. At the age of 20, she was one of Singapore’s most influential figures. Let’s find out about this young and talented girl.

All blogger Naomi Neo

Quick facts

  • Date of birth: January 25, 1996
  • Age: 25 years old
  • Sun sign: Aquarius
  • Place of birth: Singapore
  • Famous as: Youtuber

Early life stage

Blogger Naomi Neo was born in Singapore on January 25, 1996 in a middle-class family. Early in her life she showed signs of depression and lived away from her parents.

By her teens, she showed signs of depression because her personal blog posts all mentioned content such as struggling with loneliness, emptiness, and depression.

In her teens, she was able to study well. Along with her worsening depression, she began writing her thoughts and posting them in the media. Her stories are widely received and shared by young people. Once she gained a certain following, blogger Naomi Neo began to share more about her own stories, her friends’ stories, stories related to school life, and social issues.

And she started to be famous.

Her success is due to her intelligence as well as her hard work. Over time, her writing skills got better and her writing became more and more popular. The life of a depressed girl changed completely at the age of 15 thanks to a blog.

Personal life and family

After recovering from depression, she gradually returned to a normal life, especially living closer to her parents. Thanks to this, their relationship is getting better.

Blogger Naomi Neo dated JianHao Tan, but the couple broke up because of their personal differences.

On December 25, 2017, she announced her engagement to her fiancé but his identity remains private.She officially married on March 11, 2018 after posting a video of her wedding on YouTube.

About blogger Naomi Neo career

Blogger Naomi Neo (born in 1997, living in Singapore) was honored to become the young person representing the Singapore nation to receive the “Most Influential Young Person in Asia” award at influence Asia 2017 in early April in Malaysia. It is worth noting that this is the second time Naomi Neo’s name has been named in this honor category.

It wasn’t until Influence Asia honored Neo Naomi that she was widely known. She is the most popular hot girl in Singapore since 2013, so far, the influence of this girl less than 1m60 tall has not decreased.

At the age of 16, while most of Naomi’s friends only consider YouTube as an entertainment channel, she has thought about doing something with this video social network. Neo Naomi’s first video, posted in 2013, marks the beginning of her YouTube career.

Naomi Neo’s first clip is a guide on how to do your hair for a normal day. The post attracted 145,000 views. Wow, this is also quite a number for the person to post clips on YouTube for the first time.

Two years later, Naomi Neo is more open to her YouTube channel. Not only a hairdressing tutorial, she also discusses some “hot” issues of adolescence such as tattoos, virginity …When fans ask questions.

Eventually, Naomi Neo began acting in front of the camera with her friends. Their funny videos are popular on YouTube. And of course, everyone wants to know who Naomi Neo is. What attraction do you have that makes people fall in love with her clips? Along with her boyfriend, Tan Jian Hao, the 9X girl gradually asserted her own place on the YouTube “playground” with funny clips that attracted more than 850,000 views. The numbers keep increasing over time…

In addition to YouTube, the talented girl from Singapore is also a famous blogger. 9X started blogging in 2009 and gained a significant following. Her words have weight and the impact is undeniable, donors know it. The amount they paid blogger Neo Naomi each month was even higher than the average income a college student could earn. Each year, Naomi receives up to $45,000 in funding.

Naomi has been leading the online entertainment trends of Singapore’s youth for many years. She is also the “head” of the famous ice water challenges once studied by Vietnamese youth.

By the age of 18, Naomi had about 146,000 followers on Facebook, 120,000 Twitter followers and 177,000 on Instagram.Currently, 9X has more than 360,000 Instagram followers, Twitter has 407,000 followers.

Being famous, having many people love and support also means that she also has many an-ti fans. But no matter how much they disliked her or her outspoken views, most of them couldn’t deny the truth: Naomi had come a long way, overcome many difficulties to get to this day!

Blogger Naomi Neo photos

blogger Naomi Neo

Naomi chose fame in a very civilized way

Naomi has battled depression

Naomi has come a long way to success today

Naomi is an influential girl among young Singaporeans and Asians

She is the pride of young people in Singapore

She is very young and has a lot of potential to grow

She’s not afraid to challenge and allow herself to do things differently

Thanks to blogging Naomi earned over $45 000 in 2009 The dream amount of money for many university graduates in Singapore

Twice she received the Most Influential Young Person in Asia award at Influence Asia

Blogger Naomi Neo with a cute face

Her photos always attract the attention of many people

Impressive fashion style

She is famous for her writing talents

That’s according to blogger Naomi Neo, one of Singapore’s most influential girls. She is known for her writing ability along with quality videos on YouTube. Her personal life is also quite complicated but she is in a fulfilling relationship with her husband. Naomi Neo is quite young and has a lot of potential for future development.

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