Berlin Ng – Beautiful girl with hot Instagram pictures

Singapore is known for a lot of beautiful and talented girls. So have you heard of the name Berlin Ng? This is an extremely interesting girl with a beautiful and charming appearance in the beautiful country of Singapore. Along with that are the hot photos that she regularly posts on her personal Instagram page. So is she really as beautiful and charming as rumored? This article will give you the answer.

Berlin Ng - Beautiful girl with hot Instagram pictures

Berlin Ng is one of the successful beautiful girls on YouTube in Singapore

What do you know about this girl?

Berlin Ng was born on April 20, 1992 in the Lion Island – Singapore. This is a beautiful girl belonging to the constellation Taurus. The girls of this constellation are usually responsible, warm-hearted people who always love people, know how to protect and care for their families. They are also extremely beautiful and charming people. Berlin Ng also has such personalities. Currently, this beautiful girl is also married and has a very happy family. In mid-2018, her small family welcomed a little angel named Somi.

Berlin Ng is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Singapore. She is loved and followed by many children because of her style, fashion sense and hotness. With a slim, petite body, she knows how to choose outfits and coordinate clothes that make her stand out and can deftly show off the sexiest parts of her body. 

The outfits that she chooses are often quite sexy, revealing extremely attractive collarbones, white and round breasts or smooth bare backs. Everything is what every girl wants to have. In addition to orienting and influencing young people, Berlin Ng is also a face chosen by many beauty care brands in Singapore.

Berlin Ng with a hot body makes many girls jealous

Follow to better understand Berlin

If you really care about this beautiful girl and want to follow her to know more about her. Follow BerLin Ng through her YouTube videos or her photos on her Instagram profile.

Berlin Ng on Youtube

Currently, Berlin Ng is one of the successful beautiful girls on YouTube in Singapore. She was also named the richest and most glamorous social media princess in this beautiful country.

In addition, she is also known to fans as a member of the famous Youtube channel “Night Owl Cinearies” in 2013. (This is the channel of a group of young Singaporeans. They produce entertaining videos with the personality of Singaporeans such as short films, music videos, comedy skits, practical experiences, etc. 

Currently “Night Owl Cinearies” has more than 1 million subscribers. This is also the Youtube channel that received the “Best YouTube Channel of the Year” award at the 2015 Asian Influencer Awards. The videos are made with extremely high quality. If interested, you can follow the channel’s broadcast schedule every Sunday.)

You can watch the video “NOC Singing Challenge” (2016) to see the cuteness of this girl. Although she couldn’t sing very well, she tried her best and received love from everyone. What she brings is fun, friendly, sociable and extremely cute. At the same time, she also participates as an actress in the channel’s short films. 

Of course, with a beautiful face and hot body, she always takes on the role of a luxurious, extremely attractive lady, always making men look up and want to approach. Sometimes she plays a girl with a strong, mysterious personality.

In 2014, Berlin Ng was also a special guest on Joseph Germani’s Youtube channel with the column “A Date with the Stars”. This is a section that the owner of this Youtube channel created to exchange and participate in entertaining games with famous people with a date. 

In this video, Berlin Ng always makes viewers excited because of her cuteness and beautiful appearance. Besides, it is a bit weak, feminine when she participates in games with her companion in the video.

Berlin Ng on Instagram

Instagram in recent years has been considered a great tool to help promote personal brands. It is also a place to help you share your daily life through impressive photos. With more than 100,000 followers on Instagram, Berlin Ng has really done this.

Berlin Ng with a large following on Instagram

The number of followers on Instagram is not only a reflection of a person’s popularity, but also a significant source of income for them. And Berlin Ng is also one of them. With a large number of followers and a beautiful face, attractive and well-proportioned body, smooth white skin, she is chosen by many health and beauty brands to cooperate to promote products. 

Among them are brands such as Cloversoft (eco-friendly body care products), Zenyum Singapore (famous oral health care products in Singapore), Nestlé – Nan Optipro (extremely high quality dairy products),…

She is chosen by many health and beauty brands to cooperate to promote products

In addition, she also has a page selling baby care products with extremely quality and lovely products ( Because most of these products are chosen by her for her daughter, customers are very assured and used.

She regularly updates extremely sexy photos on Instagram. Her way of dressing and posing are all attracted to and followed by young people because of her youthful, dynamic, seductive and very trendy look. Each photo she posted is extremely meticulous from color, light to content.

Since getting married and having her first daughter named Somi, her personal page is flooded with photos of her family and lovely daughter. Berlin Ng also regularly checks-in at famous entertainment venues and restaurants. All show fans that she currently has an extremely happy and adequate life materially. You can follow this girl on Instagram:

Berlin Ng’s happy and material life with her family

The above article is interesting information about the beautiful and charming girl from Singapore – Berlin Ng. Surely through these things, you will feel more love for this girl. Be confident, beautiful, and bring positive values to this life!

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