Aylna Neo – A talented and beautiful girl who has a strong influence on young people in Singapore

Aylna Neo is a name that has received a lot of attention from young Singaporeans in recent times. Does this girl have anything interesting? Beauty, ingenuity, intelligence and sociability, all are what people see in her. Follow the article below to learn more about this girl.

Aylna Neo
Aylna Neo

Everything about Aylna Neo

Aylna Neo was born on May 10, 1994, she belongs to the constellation Taurus. Taurus people like completeness, wealth and they are not afraid to work hard to achieve their goals. 

Most Taurus people will be rich, they succeed in their work thanks to their hard work and health. Taurus girls are very beautiful and friendly. They also know how to take care of and love themselves and their families. And Aylna Neo is a girl with these traits.

Regarding her private life, she was born and raised in beautiful and modern Singapore. Although she is nearly 30 years old, she still makes others jealous of her beauty like a sweet seventeen-year-old girl. She started dating in August 2015 with her first boyfriend Darren Tan Jian Kai. Currently, she is also just entering married life.

She is known to all as one of the members of the Night Owl Cinematics. This is an extremely popular entertainment channel for young Singaporeans. Besides her popularity through Night Owl Cinematics, she is also a very successful person on Instagram with over 120,000 followers.

In addition, she is also a stylish fashionista with an eye for aesthetics, well-dressed. She knows what she wears will look good, she always knows how to coordinate outfits to keep up with the latest fashion trends. 

Her style of dress is now imitated by many young people. It is feminine style, charming and elegant. As a social media influencer, every image of her is incredibly delicate. When at home, she always chooses the most comfortable and simple clothes for herself.

Everything about Aylna Neo

Aylna Neo’s relaxed and active everyday style

Follow Aylna

Currently, social networking platforms are the place for many people to exchange, make friends and especially promote personal brands. Let’s follow this beautiful girl through two of the world’s leading popular platforms: Youtube and Instagram.

Follow Aylna on Instagram

In July 2012 Aylna Neo began her career posting pictures on the social network Instagram. And now she has more than 120,000 followers on Instagram. As an influencer on social networks, so the images she posts on Instagram are very invested and quality. You can follow this beautiful girl here: https://www.instagram.com/aylna/

Here, she shares about beauty, fashion, personal life, etc. Her feminine way of dressing is now being followed by many young people. 

As everyone knows, the number of followers not only shows a person’s popularity, this is also an advantage to receive advertising contracts from brands. With a beautiful appearance and attractive body, this girl often receives advertisements from brands specializing in beauty and body care. 

Among them are brands that are receiving a lot of attention such as: Kinohimitsu (a brand specializing in providing body care products including functional foods, body detoxification); Urban Decay Cosmetics (a very famous brand worldwide in the cosmetics and beauty industry); Nexcare (product for public health);…

Aylna Neo with famous cosmetic brand – Urban Decay Cosmetics

Currently, she is also just entering married life. You can see pictures related to this young couple’s wedding and happy life. Both of them look so beautiful together.From 2015 to now, they have always been by the side and supported the other’s cause. Although they went through a lot of difficulties and challenges, in the end they really had a happy ending. This also makes her fans extremely happy and wishes the best for the couple.

Aylna Neo is very happy with her life partner

It is definitely indispensable for the beautiful, seductive, and full of energy images from this girl. You will probably be conquered by this feminine beauty. Although she is nearly 30 years old, her beauty really makes others admire her, she is still always as fresh as when she was still a sweet seventeen. The photos help her cleverly show off her well-proportioned body, which is round breasts, super small waist, long slender legs, smooth white skin,…

The photos help her cleverly show off her well-proportioned body

She also posts pictures of her friends. They are the people who always support this girl, ready to help in life and work, always present at important times in each other’s lives. Although there are not too many pictures of friends, the friends she plays with are really quality and reliable.

Aylna Neo having fun with her friends at a friend’s birthday

Follow Aylna on Youtube

She is known to everyone as one of the members of Night Owl Cinematics – an entertainment channel that is very popular with young people in Singapore, founded by Ryan Tan.

Aylna is known to everyone as one of the beautiful members of Night Owl Cinematics

The videos posted on the channel will include comedy skits, short films, entertainment activities, vlogs, videos depicting Singaporean culture… Up to now, the channel has more than 1 million subscribers. 

This is also enough to see the influence and quality of the channel. Such outstanding achievements are also thanks to quality content, talented and charming actors, one of which cannot be ignored is Aylna Neo. She often plays the main character in comedy skit videos, which is an extremely beautiful, hot girl who is always looked up to by boys. 

Through these videos you can see the charm and positive energy that this girl brings. You can see the image of this girl through the videos: What to Eat and Do in ThaiLand, How to Have an Awesome Party, Ryan Eats His Own Pus for $200

Above are all pictures of the beautiful girl – Aylna Neo. This will certainly be a style, lifestyle, image that many young girls want to pursue. Always be happy, positive and confident like what Aylna Neo brings!

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